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So I don't remember the exact day, when the idea for this t-shirt came into my head. I think it was around the time when I Netflixed "The Proposal." I had originally rented the movie for Sandy. I figured she could use some residuals since she was in the thick of it thanks to her husband's indiscretions with that white supremacist tramp. Guess who played the grandmother in that? BETTY WHITE. Oh cute, I just saw her in that great Snickers Super Bowl commercial. And then SNL announced that Betty White would be hosting their Mother's Day episode! Damn, this mee maw is all over the place. A lightening bolt went off in my head - create a t-shirt that reclaims the phrase white power using my love for America's grandma. Hopefully it'll sell like gangbusters. I even created 3,2,1 CONTACT BLOG! to follow what could be mass hysteria or mass rioting. We shall see :-)


“I’m really into Betty and all, but is “white power” something I’m allowed to wear??”

I live in Williamsburg, New York. I see people wearing all kinds of crap. The rules may be more experimental out here, but shouldn’t you be able to wear what you want? It’s almost a dare to put on the shirt. Once you’re wearing it, you own the phrase and create your own definition. What if I double dare you, triple dare you, physical challenge? C’mon, No one can resist the physical challenge.

“yeah, I might get one actually. However, worn by a white person at first sight it might raise some controversy, esp. in racially homogenous and white countries”

Aah yes. The question of controversy. I welcome it actually. I think in their own sly way these t-shirts are reclaiming what white power can mean. That’s what makes them awesome. It’s Betty White - the sweetest, most beloved, never known for saying a bad word about anyone woman I know. It reminds me of all the great rave flyers I used to get back in the day that would co-opt labels of major brands and make them into promotional material.

"What the F#*! is this? Are you a racist?"
I didn't know someone could actually be a racist. I thought you just were racist. Not to split hairs. I'm just saying. And NO, I AM NOT RACIST. I am an African-American female. I hope that makes you feel better. Now GO GET YOUR BETTY ON!


If you really have a problem with shirt's fit or color, let me know.

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